Minister advises students to keep up good work to eliminate frustration



Minister for Information, Planning and Development Gilgit-Baltistan Fatehullah Khan said that youth should promote brotherliness.

It is the responsibility of all of us to keep up good work to eliminate the frustration of the underprivileged. We need to prioritize collectivity over individuality.

The provincial minister congratulated the newly elected officials of Jaglot Bunji Students’ Organization; on the occasion he said that the provincial government was taking steps to build sports grounds for the youth.

Besides extra-curricular activities, youth should pay special attention to extra-curricular activities, sports and so on.

On this occasion, he said that the people of Jalgot Bunji have lagged behind in the field of education and companionship due to unavailability of resources. Large scale schemes have been set up in the fields of education and health and sports, on which work will begin soon, added Fateh.

On this occasion, the students’ organization demanded to start university bus service to Jaglot, on which the provincial minister Fatehullah Khan assured that the bus service would be started soon after talking to the concerned authorities in this regard.

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