Millions of people eagerly waiting Khan ‘Haqeeqi Azadi’ call: Rashid


Provincial Minister for Local Government & Com-munity Development Punjab Mian Mahmood-ul-Rashid has said that millions of people of Punjab were eagerly waiting for Imran Khan ‘Haqeeqi Azadi’ march call and added soon as the call is re-ceived, the PTI workers would pour out from every village, street and coner of the province.

He was addressing the participants of the “Come Out For Pakistan” rally in Khanewal on Friday.

Mian Mahmood-ul-Rashid said that the people in the upcoming elections would totally reject the thieves of PDM who had ruined the life of a poor man.

He said that each of the thieves would be held accountable by PTI lead government. Mian Mehmud further said that Imran Khan’s agenda was to make the country an Islamic welfare and self-sufficient state.

He said that the only solution to all the current problems was the early holding of general elections.

This rally was held in favor of Imran Khan’s anticipated protest call.

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