Mega cleanliness, anti-encroachment drive launched in rural areas

Zubair Qureshi

The Islamabad Capital Territory Administration with support of the Capital Development Authority launched a mega drive of cleanliness and anti-encroachment operation along nullah, roads and markets in rural areas of the federal capital.

The areas included Union Council (UC) Khanna, Korang Nullah, Main Road Khanna, Burma Bridge, UC Tarlai, Lehtarar Road and Tarlai Chowk.

According to a senior official of the ICT the action is taken as part of the ongoing anti-encroachment operation and cleanliness in wake of the recent rains.

In the ongoing operation, action was also taken against cattle farms and slaughterhouses.

Eleven cattle farms were closed down permanently while 19 were directed to remain closed during the day time.

The areas which were cleared during the cleanliness campaign included complete Service Road from Khanna to Koral Chowk (Ghouri Town).

The ICT & the CDA teams also conducted awareness campaigns urging the residents to keep their areas clean and not to encroach the roads, footpaths and pavements.

The cleanliness awareness campaign was launched through banners, panaflex displayed at different spots and areas of Union council Khanna, Sohan, Tarlai.

The anti-encroachment operation included crackdown and action against farms in Tarlai while anti-encroachment operation was conducted at Khanna area.

Magistrate Abdul Hadi with CDA enforcement teams supervised the operation. During the operation, announcements were also made through Masajid in UC Sohan, Koral, Tarlai and Khanna regarding the cleanliness campaign.

Action was taken against slaughter houses and Magistrate Ali Javaid inspected and took action against slaughter houses in Sihala. In the operation 50 staff/officials of the CDA participated.

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