Meeting held to evaluating 4Ps of Skills Education


A meeting to brainstorm the future of skills education in the context of 4Ps (possibilities, problems, partners, and platforms) identified multidisciplinary approaches to cope with the incoming robotics/digital world.

The participants strongly believed that all manual tasks performed today will be conducted by machines utilizing artificial intelligence in the foreseeable future. However, human involvement will be required to design humane and respectful environment/entitiesfor all the living beings on Earth.

Almost fifty academicians and institutional leaders from across the globe, including National Skills University Islamabad (NSU) Pakistan faculty members and Vice Chancellor, participated in this strategic foresight conference. The facilitator for this meeting was The Futures School (TFS), Florida, USA.

The participants discussed people cloud (every human on this Earth) a unique idea pointing toward one world with shared resources.This is because ICT has provided the immense potential for interconnectivity across the globe.

Theopen-source technologies are creating opportunities for initiating intercontinental collaborations supported by robust social media. Globally, there is a need to accept the concept of disruptive opportunities and learning skills to be cohesive and cooperative, making this world a place with equal opportunities for all. Participants also showed their consensus to face the future challenges in the TVET education through joint efforts.