Meet – Faizan Naeem, a digital genie under 30 in Pakistan


What happens when a person aims higher and stays put, resilient, and passionate towards the goal? It goes without saying that he achieves one milestone after another. But have you ever thought, why do successful ventures collapse after reaching the epitome of triumph? Well, the answer is simple: lack of passion, the drive to get up and do the monotonous work.

And the best solution to it is given by the most powerful business icons in the world. according to them, starting a new business venture is the easiest thing. The difficult phase is to establish and the most complicated is to maintain. Hence, you don’t have to remain successful throughout your life.

Knowing so, Faizan Naeem, a young man in his early thirties, hailing from the suburbs of Pakistan; has a completely different notion of living the most successful life. He is also the one who thinks resilience and passion are the go-to for making anything from the scratch. In this article, you will get to know about how a young man started his company; what challenges did he face to combat the ugliest situations, and how does he make use of passion and resilience in making life easy yet exciting.

However, before we go into all those details, let’s get to know Faizan Naeem a little more.

As mentioned above, Faizan belongs to Pakistan. He is quite a nerd and has earned a graduate degree in Computer Sciences. Since he doesn’t belong to an affluent background and has achieved everything on his own, he makes sure to enforce the vitality of running businesses. It is not that he doesn’t endorse corporate jobs that are usually from 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening in Pakistan.

When it comes to his family, he was quite lucky to have supportive and caring parents. In one of the interviews, he stated, “whatever and whoever I am today is because of my parents. Without their immense support, I wouldn’t have made it.” In reaching all his milestones, his parents were on his side – extremely proud.

As soon as Faizan completed his studies, he had to start working to make financial ends meet. For that, he took some odd jobs to have some experience under his belt. After a few years of learning digital marketing in the companies he worked for, he finally decided on something big! Yes, bigger than any random or common dream.

He started working on the ideas and concluded with the perfect vision. Meanwhile, he learned that life, let it be professional or personal, needs some passion and resilience. Relationships He started working on the ideas and concluded with the perfect vision. Meanwhile, he learned that life, let it be professional or personal, needs some passion and resilience. Relationships become sweeter and smoother with these traits. Likewise, when it comes to profession, resilience as in staying put and elevating oneself from all the challenges helps. In the same way, passion is the key to success. Without the desire and drive of doing something great, you can never bring the same result.

Faizan says, “Life is a constant struggle. Keep your chin up and stay resilient and passionate towards the acquisition of the goal. Sooner or later, you will get what you aim.”

Everything About Faizan’s Successful Venture – Digital Genie Marketing Company ( Digital Genie Marketing is Faizan’s business venture in which he aims to provide online solutions for marketing. In this company, clients can get a list of services including search engine optimization (SEO), graphic designing, website development and designing, Google ads, and Google analytics.

With all these services, digital marketing stays on the top. Because it is based on which the entire company functions. So yeah, you can see Faizan is doing amazing in the much competitive industry. But remember, in the pursuit of making things seem super easy, there are sleepless nights, empty tummy, and many dreams in the eyes.

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