Media asked to play effective role in interfaith harmony



Speakers at the media launch of Public Service Messages for TV and Radio focused on Peace and Interfaith/Sect Harmony on Wednesday asked the mainstream and social media to play an effective important role in inter-faith harmony in Pakistani society for the progress and prosperity of the country.

They expressed such views while speaking on the occasion of the event organized by The Knowledge Forum (TKF) in collaboration with Sindh Departments of Human Rights and Minorities Affairs here at Karachi Press Club. It largely attended by people from various religions and media persons.

MPA Mangla Sharma said that she had started working for Interfaith harmony. Sindh is a land of Sufism and Peace. “I am happy to see that the message of Interfaith Harmony is speaking and now the government has also realized its importance.

Social media is quite an important medium, which should be utilized for spreading the message of Interfaith Harmony.

She said every one of us should play a role in discouraging the messages of violence and Counter Violent Extremism.

“According to the Constitution every citizen has equal rights; so there is a need that all those laws, which are discriminating the minorities communities be amended,” said Mahesh Kumar, a senior journalist.

He appreciated the TKF for making videos and audio messages.

A representative of a transgenders’ organization Kami Sid said we have to learn from each other about interfaith harmony and spread this message all around.

A human rights activist and poet Javed Soz Halai suggested that these peace messages should be spread in rural areas.

Zulfiqar Abbasi, from the Police department, appreciated the messages on Interfaith Harmony.

Sabiha said their organization has launched a Peace Plantation campaign.

Bungul Khan Chachar from the Human Rights department of the Government of Sindh said intolerance is increasing in society. There should be redressal of human rights violations and Interfaith Harmony is essential. Not only interfaith harmony there should be intra-faith harmony in the society, he remarked.

Human rights awareness should be at the grassroots level, especially in the rural areas and far-flung areas.

Maharaj Vijay Goswami of Daryalal Mandar Karachi said there is a need to promote interfaith harmony. All religions are promoting peace.

Zulfiqar Shah, a Member of Sindh Human Rights department, Shuja uddin Qureshi from TKF and Jameel Junejo from the Human Rights Department spoke on the occasion.