Measures stressed to avoid obesity, diabetes


Noted physicians and speakers at a seminar warned against the fast spreading diabetes in Pakistan, urging people to take proper care to avoid dangerous foods like soda drinks, junk food and sweets, and the unhealthy lifestyle specially the exercise-less routine which are putting more young people among the patients lately.

They were addressing a seminar titled “Diabetes Awareness and Saving Youth Possible? If Not Today, Then When?” held under the aegis of Mir Khalilur Rahman Memorial Society in collaboration with Akhuwwat Health Services and Pakistan Law College, chaired by Akhuwwat Director Prof Humayun Ehsan, while chief guests were Dr Raja Ghulam Murtaza Adeem and Dr Tabinda Duggal.

Guest speakers included Director Akhuwwat Dr Izharul Haq Hashmi, Dr Tahir Rasool, Dr Nasram Iqbal, LGH Asst ProfGynae Dr Nazia Ayub, Deiabetic physician Dr Fauzia Moeen, IHSI Dr Sajid Hameed, Dr Tauseef and others. MKRMS chairman Wasif Nagi was the moderator.

Prof Humayun Ehsan stressed the need for taking extreme precautionary measures and abstinence from the junk food to prevent the disease and improve the quality of life of the patients.

Dr Tabinda Duggal advised the people to eat simple food and adopt simple lifestyle to stay healthy. She warned that heating food in plastic boxes in microwave ovens cause many diseases since dangerous chemicals get mixed with the food. She warned that diabetes once caught could not be easily rid.

Dr Raja Ghulam Murtaza Adeem said pregnant women should specially avoid sweet food and soft drinks. He said one bottle of soft drink contains eleven spoonful of sugar which is far higher than the daily need of humans.

He appealed that children should be taught and motivated to avoid excess sweets and soft drinks from the early ages, and diabetes prevention should be included in school syllabus. He said Akhuwwat is providing free insulin to disabled type one patients and widows, while sell it at half cost than the market to our patients.

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