Mazari regrets UK’s discriminatory attitude


Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari has said expressed regrets over the United Kingdom’s discriminatory attitude towards the Pakistanis and its nationals of Pakistani origin.

The minister, in a tweet, said: ‘This is a discriminatory approach towards Pakistanis and Britishers of Pak origin is yet another reflection of putting Pakistan in list of Red Zone countries but leaving out states like India – which has one of the fastest spirals of Covid cases plus a new lethal variant also.

‘This is absolutely shameful – these people have paid 1750 Pounds per person to undergo 10 days of compulsory quarantine in UK and are being treated in this inhumane manner simply because they happen to be of Pak origin,’ she said according to a press release.

A British MP said, “We should not ignore humanitarian injustices and plight of persecuted minorities.”—APP

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