Masood slams UNSG for trying to maintain balance between Pakistan, India


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Azad Jammu & Kashmir President, Sardar Masood Khan said the UN Secretary-General was trying to maintain an artificial balance between Pakistan and India through his very cautious statements on the forced and unilateral annexation of occupied Jammu & Kashmir to the Indian Union.
Speaking at a national security workshop held at the National Defense University in federal capital, he said by imposing indefinite curfew and media blockade, Narendra Modi regime had virtually cut off the people of disputed Jammu and Kashmir territory from the rest of the world for the last 47 days, AJK presidential secretariat said in an official statement issued on Saturday.
He said the Kashmiri people in the held territory remain confined to their homes without any food and water, while hospitals had run out of life saving medicines. ‘Now the detainees are being shifted to most notorious prisons all over northern India so as to punish them for demanding their internationally recognized right of self-determination,’ he added.
The AJK president expressed his satisfaction that global media had started criticizing the Indian actions, and had helped develop a factual narrative on the situation of occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He appreciated China for supporting Pakistan’s stand on the Kashmir issue, and said that the European parliament have had a formal plenary session on Kashmir while the Friends of Kashmir also held a debate on the issue in the European Parliament.
Sardar Masood Khan said India had adopted a four-pronged policy on Kashmir based on 1) use of brute force; 2) economic blandishments; 3) political support to pro-India parties; and 4) to project Kashmiri people as terrorists being supported by Pakistan. ‘This policy of Hindu fanaticism is reminiscent of Nazism and fascism,’ he added. He said the Modi regime was poised to disintegrate Pakistan and retake Azad Kashmir through proxy wars. ‘Pakistan will have to strengthen its economy and invest in the militaristic prowess,’ he said, adding most importantly, we would have to craft national unity, and the military would have to remain prepare to counter any eventuality.
The AJK president suggested that India had always used dialogue process as a time-buying ploy, and various rounds of bilateral talks over the years had proved counterproductive. He stressed upon the international community to take notice of the Indian threats of using nuclear weapons against Pakistan.

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