Masjid Imam gunned down in New Karachi



An eyewitness of a murder case and a prayer leader of a masjid have been shot dead in Karachi by unidentified gunmen in two separate incidents of violence.

Ghulam Murtaza, the murder witness, was killed in Bufferzone’s Sector 15-A1 while the masjid imam was killed in New Karachi’s Yousuf Goth. The CCTV footage shows two assailants arriving in the area and one of them approaching Murtaza.

He takes out a pistol and fires at Murtaza’s head and back. His accomplice waits on a motorcycle nearby, and after the murder, the duo flee.A case has been registered on the complaint of Arsalan, the owner of a private medical centre.

Murtaza was a prime witness in his father’s murder case. The victim had been working as a driver in his house for the last 28 years and was an eyewitness to his father’s murder.

In another development, an imam was shot dead in Yousuf Goth in front of his mosque. He was identified as Mir Bux, 60.

The police claim the murder was linked to a personal feud. He was a father of seven sons and one daughter.

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