By the grace of Almighty Allah, Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL), the Operator of Mari Development & Production Lease (Mari D&PL) with 100% working interest is pleased to announce a gas discovery resulting from its exploratory efforts at Mari Ghazij-1 Exploration Well, drilled in Mari D&PL, located in District Ghotki, Sindh Province.

Mari Ghazij-1 exploratory well targeting multiple Ghazij Limestone units in Mari D&PL, was spudded-in on November 24, 2022 and successfully drilled down to the depth of 1,015 meters. The gas flow rate established through Drill Stem Test (DST) is 5.1 Million Standard Cubic Feet Per Day (MMSCFD) with Wellhead Flowing Pressure (WHFP) of 232 Pounds Per Square Inch (Psi) at 64/64 inch choke size.

This was the first dedicated exploratory well targeting multiple Ghazij Limestone units. The concept emerged from Iqbal-1 well wherein a thin limestone unit in Ghazij Formation was found to make minor contribution of ~0.5 MMSCFD to the flow. Based on that, the Limestone units within Ghazij Formation were thoroughly studied in the entire Mari D&PL area to ascertain their reservoir potential and deliverability in the play sweet spot that has been successfully proven through Mari Ghazij-1 discovery.

The said discovery in Mari D&PL shows the commitment of MPCL to exploit the hydrocarbon (HC) potential of the Lease and aggressive exploration strategy. It has opened a new avenue and will positively contribute to mitigating energy demand and supply gap from indigenous resources and will add to the hydrocarbon reserves base of MPCL and the Country.

Mr. FaheemHaider, Managing Director/CEO MPCL has termed this discovery a success for the company’s geoscientists and said that the company now plans to appraise this discovery to prove its extent and in parallel evaluate its development options.

He further added that MPCL’s aim is to contribute in arresting the declining gas production in the country through a combination of maximizing production from current fields and discovering new resources via aggressive exploration strategy targeting high grade prospects within the company’s portfolio.

Mr. Waqar Ahmed Malik, Managing Director/CEO of the Fauji Foundation and Chairman MPCL Board of Directors congratulated MPCL’s management for testing this new play concept for exploration in a mature field.

MPCL is an integrated exploration and production company, currently operating Pakistan’s largest gas reservoir in the Mari D&P lease area, Daharki, Sindh. With around 23% market share, it is the second largest gas producer in the country. MPCL is a Fauji Foundation Group company which is a hybrid social enterprise pursuing a social mission in the Country.