Margallas’ monkeys become trouble for local area residents

Observer Report

The area residents, living close to one of the biodiversity rich ecosystems having exotic wildlife species Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP), have started facing nuisance of monkeys entering into their homes in search of food and increasing human-wildlife conflict risk.

The Monkey Point on the way to Daman-e-Koh in the MHNP was the common spot to view monkeys where public was discouraged to avoid feeding food to the wild animal which lead the monkeys to move towards Margalla Road passing through the F-7 and F-6 sectors of the federal capital, a Senior IWMB official told APP while highlighting the recent surge in monkey encounters complained by the local people.

He said the area residents at the beginning welcomed intruding monkeys and offered them food as a token of affection towards the cute wildlife species. “After three to four days when people are getting fed up with monkey visits abandon any food or eatable item that rages the monkeys and results in skirmishes,” the IWMB official told.

There were numerous complaints were received from the area residents of F-6 and F-7 sectors who were agitated due to the monkeys, he said, adding, “This has been mainly due to public interaction and food feeding to the monkeys which is injurious to animal health.”

He added that the people were advised to put phenyl tablets at the entering points of their houses that would deter monkeys to enter into their premises.

“Phenyl tablets are used globally to put off snakes and other animals which is equally helpful in dissuading monkeys,” he told.

To a question, he said the IWMB after two meetings with tourists and volunteers visiting the national park and keeping in view their keen interest in conserving MHNP’s environment initiated Eco-Guards training that resulted into a positive outcome.

“The Eco-Guards have become the eyes and ears of IWMB and have helped in effective monitoring and patrolling in the national park,” the IWMB official informed.

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