Premier League champions Manchester City have once again hired the services of David Pannick to fight their case against charges brought forward by the league.

Pannick, a member of the Blackstone Chambers, will defend City against over 100 charges of financial breaches.

City, who was the world’s highest revenue-generating club last season according to Deloitte, was recently referred to an independent commission for alleged breaches of Premier League financial rules stretching from the 2009-10 season to the 2017-18 campaign.

David Pannick previously was the legal counsel of Manchester City in its appeal against the Premier League’s dispute resolution system to the Commercial Court and Court of Appeal, as well as in the underlying arbitration in July 2021.

He most recently advised former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an investigation into whether he misled parliament over the “PartyGate” scandal.

City will reportedly pay Pannick a small fortune for his services.

The 66-year-old will allegedly be paid 80,000 pounds a day, or 400,000 pounds ($480,920) a week, the same wages that the club pays Kevin De Bruyne, their highest-paid player.

Man City have won six Premier League titles since being acquired by Abu Dhabi-based City Football Group.

If they are proven guilty, they could face a host of ramifications from massive monetary fines, being stripped of the titles or at worst being expelled from the Premier League altogether.