Man shot dead by robbers


A man was shot dead by robbers in the Green Town police.. The victim Asghar Ali along with his broth-ers Akhtar Ali and cousin Ali Ahmed went to a bakery at Umar Chowk to collect goods. Akhtar and Asghar went inside the bakery while Ali Ahmed was sitting in the car when some robbers kidnapped him at gunpoint and drove away from the scene. In the meantime, Akhtar and Asghar chased the car.

The car being driven by one of the robbers went out of control and hit the wall. A robber opened fire, as a result, Asghar got a fatal bullet wound in the chest and fell on the ground.

The accused escaped from the scene. The injured Asghar was taken to hospital where he died. Ali Ahmed had come from Sialkot to go to Malaysia. Police shifted the body to the morgue.


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