Man sells ten-year-old daughter in western Afghanistan to feed family



A family that was displaced due to conflicts in Herat province sold their ten-year-old daughter to save other family members from starvation, Associated Press reported.The minor girl has been named to another family and the father has received the money in return.

Azizagul, the mother of the daughter was not in-formed about her daughter being given to someone else in return for money. The girl will reportedly be married off to the family.

“I told my husband to bring foodstuff as my five children had nothing to eat, he would regularly bring food. I asked him from he brought the food-stuff, he answered that a family is giving him food on daily basis in return for their ten-year-old daugh-ter.” Said Azizagul.

The story of Afghan families selling their children has become to some extent a normal in Afghanistan as over half of the population starving after the for-eign aids stalled and millions of people left unem-ployed.


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