Man keeps father’s body in freezer to ‘talk to him’


A Dutch man has been caught keeping his father’s body in a freezer for more than a year after his death, Sky News reported.

The shocking discovery came to light when a family doctor raised concerns about the 101-year-old father’s well-being.

The police reportedly discovered the corpse in the town of Landgraaf in the Netherlands. The 82-year-old son, who has not been named by the authorities, told the police officers that he “did not want to let him go, or I would miss him”.

The elderly man’s body was kept in a freezer at home for about 18 months after he had died. The son claimed that he wanted to continue talking to his father after he died of natural causes.

“I didn’t want to lose [my father]. Otherwise I would miss him,” the octogenarian told 1Limburg.

The son is now reportedly being investigated for storing his father’s body, however, the police told 1Limburg that they do not suspect any foul play.

The investigators are trying to find out the elderly man’s manner of death and the time he died.—Agencies