Man in Quetta becomes father of 60th child


Another child has been born on the very first day of the year 2023 to the wife of Jan Mohammad, a resident of Quetta, after which the total number of his children has reached to 60. Jan Muhammad’s 60 children have been born from three wives while 5 of his children have died. 55 children of Jan Muhammad are alive and healthy.

Talking to newsmen, Jan Muhammad said that he was very happy with the birth of another child on the arrival of the new year. He said that the child was named Haji Khush Khal Khan. It may be mentioned here that Jan Muhammad’s three wives and children live in the same house. Jan Muhammad is a compounder by profession and runs his own clinic in the suburbs.

The man of many children also desires another marriage for which the search for a fourth wife is on. In his statement in the past, Jan Muhammad said that his goal was to have 100 children and he was very grateful to Allah for bestowing him more children.—APP