Man fined over faulty machine



A consumer court on Wednesday issued a decree, ordering the owner of a fitness equipment maker to pay Rs120,000 to a buyer whom he had sold out two out-of-order treadmills.

Reportedly, Mian Tanveer, resident of Gulberg, placed an order for buying two treadmills from a fitness equipment shop situated in Neela Gunbad area of Lahore. But the shop owner first delivered the running machines.

after a long delay, and on top of that he did not use quality material in making the treadmills and the buyer noticed that the machines were not working properly.

When Mr Tanveer asked the shop owner for the return of the treadmills, the latter refused to do so. The buyer lodged a complaint with the consumers’ court.

While deciding the case, consumer court Judge Muhammad Waseem Afzal issued a decree against the shop owner asking him to pay the buyer Rs120,000.

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