Man dies after bitten by dog


A 45-year old man died in Karachi after being bitten by a dog, said Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) Executive Director DrSeeminJamali on Monday.

The doctor said that the 45-year-old, who was a resident of Karachi’s Orangi Town, was admitted to the JPMC a day earlier after his health deteriorated.

She added that the patient was bitten by the dog three months ago and passed away as he did not get the rabies vaccine at the right time.

Earlier this month, the Sindh High Court told a petitioner seeking an end to the shooting of dogs by authorities that “dogs bite children and elderly everyday” and “animal right activists should think about human rights too”.

The petitioner’s lawyer argued that the killing of dogs is a violation of animal rights.”

Dogs are being shot dead in Karachi, and this practice should be stopped. Protecting animal rights is necessary,” stressed the lawyer.

The court said that while the petitioner is working for animal welfare, they must also consider human rights.


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