Malicious attempt to defame Muslims through Bollywood propaganda film ‘Ham 2 hamare 12’


In India, another propaganda film of Bollywood, “Ham 2 hamare 12” has made a sinister attempt to defame the Muslims.

Hindu extremists in India propagate that Muslims are against family planning and on the basis of these baseless facts, the propaganda film “Ham 2 hamare 12” has been made, through which the role of Muslims will be defamed.

After the release of the posters of the film, questions have been raised regarding Islamophobia in India.

According to South Asian Wire, Muslims are 11 percent of the total population in India, but despite this, Hindu extremists in India propagate that Muslim families don’t plan and there will come a time when Hindus will become a minority in India.

The posters of the new Bollywood movie “Ham 2 hamare 12” were released a few days ago.

The posters written in Hindi said that I will soon leave China behind.

By looking at the posters of the film, it is clear that the baseless and false propaganda against the film is that the population of Muslims in India is increasing rapidly.

Prominent journalist Rana Ayyub, who raised her voice against Islamophobia in India, shared the posters of the film in a tweet and said that how can the Indian Censor Board allow a film that portrays Muslims as the reason for the country’s growing population.

On the other hand, the Director of the film, Kamal Chandra, has shown great boldness and said, “I think cinema is the best medium to express one’s thoughts and feelings, the poster of “Ham 2 hamare 12” are not objectionable at all.

The posters need to be looked at correctly.



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