Maleeka terms NA rumpus ‘Dark Day’ in history

Observer Report

Injured PTI MNA and Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice Barrister Maleeka Bokhari on Wednesday severely criticised the opposition parties for Tuesday’s rumpus in the National Assembly, saying “Look at the attitude of those who claimed to run a movement for law and justice.”

“The PTI wants to uphold the integrity of the Parliament. It is not acceptable for you that a third party rose to power with the support of common people in the two-party system.”

Maleeka Bokhari said elected women parliamentarians came to the Assembly with the votes of the people and termed yesterday’s incident of violence ‘dark day’ in the history of the National Assembly.

“Imran Khan rose to power after fighting for 30 years against the status quo. Imran Khan freed the National Accountability Bureau and Election Commission of Pakistan and other departments,” she added.

She was addressing a press conference along with other women parliamentarians including Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Zartaj Gul said PML-N parliamentarians attacked women legislators and their act is condemnable.

Minister of State for Information Farrukh Habib talking to media outside the Election Commission of Pakistan office said that the National Assembly was turned into a ‘fish market’ yesterday and the entire leadership of PML-N sponsored the ‘riot’.

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