Malcolm Nash wanted to write a book on Six Sixes : Sobers


Bipin Dani
Malcolm Nash, an English cricketer, who passed away in London earlier this week wanted to write a book on Six Sixes. This was revealed by Sir Gary Sobers.
Incidentally, Nash was Sobers’ “victim” when first time in the history of First Class cricket Six Sixes were hit off his bowling (Glamorgan and Nottinghamshire at Swansea in 1968).
“It is always sad to hear someone’s death”, Sobers, speaking exclusively over telephone from Barbados, said.
“I got a call from a gentleman, may be he was a London journalist, informing about the news…”.
“He was a very nice person. I knew very little about him though I met him on a few occasions. Last time I met him was in 2016 when I was in England to promote Barbados Tourism”.
“We chatted for sometime as he was not keeping well then. I was told by him that he intends to write a book on Six Sixes. I am not aware whether he could pen down the book”, Sobers added.
On enquiring with the Glamorgan County Cricket Club, it is learnt that Nash did write an autobiography, but not titled the book as he wished.
“Malcolm had his biography published in 2018 by St David’s Press. Called “Not Only, But Also”, Dr Andrew Hignell, the Heritage and Education Co-ordinator / 1st XI Scorer at the Glamorgan County Cricket Club, said.
“It covers a lot about the six sixes, as well as the other highlights of his career. It also covers the auction (of the ball which was sent over the fence six times in a row), as well as how Nashy kept in touch with Gary Sobers”, Hignell added.
Six of the Best: Cricket’s Most Famous Over, however, was written by a freelance broadcaster, Grahame Lloyd.

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