Malaysia sets RM56 billion target for halal food exports: Envoy


Acting High Commissioner of Malaysia to Pakistan, Deddy Faisal Ahmad Salleh on Sunday said that Malaysia has set a target of RM 56 Billion for export revenue in the halal food industry by 2025 to get benefit the global halal food market.

Malaysia’s current exports in the halal food industry are 35.8 billion RM, which is a huge growth potential according to the size of the global halal market, Malaysian envoy, Deddy Faisal Ahmad Salleh told state-run official media.

The Malaysian envoy said that the current size of the global halal market in terms of revenue is $2 trillion was expected to increase to $3 trillion by the year 2027.

He said that there were huge opportunities for cooperation in ‘Halal Food Market’ between Pakistan and Malaysia and this sector in Malaysia had an extensive network of value added industry and multinational companies that could help Pakistan to connect with the global supply chain.

Deddy Faisal said that traditionally, halal food includes meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, grains,oil, fats, waxes and confectioneries but it could be sold at competitive price in the

global market by bringing value added products.

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