Making fool of public, the Udaipur misfortune | By Ali Sukhanver


Making fool of public, the Udaipur misfortune

WHAT was the need of introducing different religions; that is a frequently asked question all over the world.

The basic logic behind introducing religions has ever been just one; to educate human beings.

Animals don’t follow any religion; it means when human beings are not obeying the rules and regulations introduced by the religion they claim to follow, they are not different from animals.

The basic message conveyed by all religions to the followers is ‘love humanity’. Extremism in any shape and in any form simply snatches from us that basic characteristic preached to us through religious philosophy.

Whatever happened there in Udaipur India, a few days back, was purely an inhuman act in the name of religion.

That cruel incident has no doubt proved a blob of shame on the face of Indian society. We the Pakistanis might have a disliking for the anti-Pakistan policies of the BJP government but as far as the progress and growth of the Indian nation in the field of science and technology are concerned, no one can deny it.

Keeping aside the handful of the extremist elements, most of the people in that society are peace-loving, civilized and moderate in temperament.

It is their hard luck that they are governed by a mindset that is always bent upon bloodshed and violence in the name of religion.

We find that mindset always patronizes those who are prejudiced and narrow-minded. The situation in Udaipur could never have been so horrible if the government of India had taken to task the hands involved in the demolition of the Babri Mosque, the faces behind the massacre at the Golden Temple, the criminals who planned the bloodshed in Gujarat and those who have made the life of the helpless Dalits a burning hell.

The Dalits of India might not have forgotten the horrible 26 April 2020 when a group of upper-caste men mercilessly crushed the bones of a 21-year-old Dalit young man named Jitendra.

His crime was that he sat on a chair and ate in the presence of upper-caste Hindus at a wedding.

He was so severely beaten that he could not survive the injuries and died nine days after that brutality.

As per tradition, the police and other law-enforcement agencies remained silent about this brutality and nothing was done to address the grievances of the wretched Jitendra’s family.

The Modi government has been supporting and patronizing the elements involved in all such types of injustice.

Now that sown seed of hatred has grown up and changed into a huge thorny tree and now even the Hindu community is being affected by the pricks of its nettles.

Experts on Indian affairs, however, have another opinion too; they think this incident of beheading in Udaipur could be something like a ‘False-Flag Operation’.

The Modi government seems in a strange wave of ‘heat and haste’ to create and promote anarchy in the country; the main target seems to give all Indian minorities, particularly the Muslims, a real tough time.

From banning Hijab in classrooms to preventing Azaan on loudspeakers, the BJP is adopting every means to gain its political pursuit in the country.

This all is being done in collaboration with Shiv Sena and the desired end-state is to make India a Hindu state.

The Modi government is making a mockery of all constitutional provisions by doing so.

More false-flag operations of the same type are expected to distract the attention of the common public from very serious issues including a 30-year high wholesale price index, the rapid devaluation of the Indian currency and an all-time high unemployment rate.

It is very much obvious that recent episode of the killing of a Hindu tailor, Kanhaiya Lal would help the BJP in gaining sympathy vote against Muslim community.

It is a really deceitful pathetic fact that the Modi government is trying to associate the linkages of killers with Pakistan.

BJP-supported media houses have become the mouthpiece of the Modi government and are exerting all their force in dragging Pakistan in the Kanhaiya Lal beheading case though Pakistan has categorically rejected all such allegations.

According to India Today’s partial analysis, the police have arrested two Muslims for beheading Kanhaiya Lal.

The paper says, “Investigators believe that the two accused, who were arrested after posting videos online admitting to the crime, have links to Dawat-e-Islami, a religious movement based in Pakistan.

” The same propaganda was done by another Indian paper Times Now. The paper said, “A Pak connection has been revealed in Udaipur killing case.

It was found that Kanhaiya’s killer M Ghos went to Pakistan. ” The Times Now further said, “As the National Investigation Agency probes the recent murder of a Rajasthan resident, a Pakistan link has now emerged in the case.

M Ghos — one of the two people arrested for the attack on Kanhaiya Lal – had visited Karachi in 2014 and is believed to have spent time with the Daawat-e-Islami organization.”

In short, so many Indian newspapers and television channels are churning out the same rubbish day and night.

Such malicious attempts could never succeed in misleading the people, either in India or outside India neither the Muslims nor the Hindus.

Everyone knows that maligning Pakistan and dragging it in India’s internal matters has always been a tradition rather than a hobby of the BJP-led Hindutva government in India.

Even opposition leaders like Rahul Gandhi are well aware of the realities hidden behind such incidents.

In a recent statement, Rahul Gandhi said that the Modi government was simply trying to distract the attention of the common people from their very genuine problems by using different means.

He apprehended that such brutal attempts could be found more frequently in the near future.

However, Pawan Khera has something entirely different and shocking to reveal. He is the media head of the Congress Party.

Addressing a press conference at the Congress headquarters in New Delhi, he shocked everyone by saying that one of the two men who killed the tailor in Udaipur over blasphemous remarks is a BJP member.

He strongly and firmly argued that ‘it was why the Modi government had moved quickly to transfer the case to the handpicked National Investigation Agency.

’ Hopefully, the cat would soon jump out of the bag because it must be very dark and suffocating there in the bag.

Certainly, the blazing fire of distrust and hatred in Udaipur would soon cool down and the residents of that area would realize, recognize and then penalize the real culprit behind the masked face; the culprit who is neither a Muslim nor a Hindu; who is just a stakeholder.

—The writer is Principal of a Government College and senior columnist, based in Multan.


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