Major fraud scam unearthed at Pak China Fertilizers



In a major fraud scam, Karachi police have booked former chief operating officer (COO) Muhammad Rafiq Bhojani, his son and two others including his nephew for theft of company documents.

The case was registered at Aram Bagh police station under Sections 420 and 408 of the Code of Criminal Procedure on complaint of Sheikh Anas, Secretary of Pak China Fertilizers Limited against Rafiq Bhojani, his son, Zain Abbas Bhojani, Anis Abbas and nephew Muzammil Bhojani.

Sheikh Anas had filed a complaint at the police station on May 5, against Rafiq Bhojani and three others regarding theft of company documents of Pak China Fertilizers by fraudulent manner.“

FIR against Rafiq Bhojani and others have been registered while the case has been transferred to investigation wing to further probe a case,” confirmed Aram Bagh SHO Panwan Kumar while talking to The News.

“These suspects nominated in the FIR are yet to be arrested as they have gone underground or in hiding.”

SHO Kumar said that the initial investigation revealed that the suspects nominated in the FIR were involved in stealing and forging company’s documents as well as criminal activities.

“The FIR has been registered against those who have plundered the company and the FIA has also iniated inquiry against them in which they have already been found guilty.”

The enquiry by the Secretary of the company started after receiving an alarming letter from shareholder of Pak China Fertilizer, National Fertilizer Corporation of Government of Pakistan, who hold 1,880,000 shares of Pak China Fertilizers Limited.

In the letter addressed to the Company Secretary, NFC requested Company Secretary to reply and check on discrepancies in annual returns of company filing.

After thorough investigation, the Company Secretary learned the company documents were all stolen, forged, and criminal activities were conducted by Rafiq Bhojani, his son Zain Abbas Bhojani, Anis Annas and nephew Muzammil Bhojani.

The four members of this fraud are wanted by Police authorities who are in the process of locating and arresting them.

On 25th of March 2021, the Deputy Commissioner Haripur imposed a ban on any illegal sale, purchase, sifting of immovable or movable assets, and scrap and tree sales from Pak China Fertilizers.

Additionally on 9th of April 2021, a letter was written by Deputy Commissioner Haripur to Privatization Commission to file further contempt of court case against Rafiq Bhojani for his illegal activities. A source close to Bhojani said he rejected the allegations in the FIR and will clear his name.

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