Major diagnostic equipments not functioning in city hospitals



The CT scan and MRI machines of major Karachi based hospitals have been lying out of order since couple of years due to the negligence of Sindh health Department and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC).

The major diagnostic machines major hospitals of the Karachi city including Dr Ruth Phafu Civil Hospital(CHK) Karachi, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital(ASH), Sindh Government Qatar Hospital , Sindh Government Lyari General Hospital, Sindh Government Hospital Liaquatabad  and National Institute of Child Health (NICH) were lying out of order since several years.   Administrative official at Dr Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi told that the visiting   and indoor patients are facing grave hardships at CHK as CT scan and MRI machine was lying out of order for last three years. The CHK is a Sindh’s largest teaching hospital where big number of patients was brought every day from different areas of Karachi and rests of Sindh some of them needed diagnostic services such as CT scan and MRI.

The modern Gamma Camera device and angiography machines were lying out of order at Cardiology Department of Dr Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) since one and half years, while hospital management was unable to get these costly equipments repaired. Similarly, visiting patients are facing grave inconvenience at the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (ASH) ) as two major diagnostic machines are also not functioning in Karachi Metropolitan Corporation run hospital .   The CT scan machines were also not operating in Sindh Government Qatar Hospital, Lyari General Hospital Karachi and Sindh Government Hospital Liaquatabad.     The latest Robotic Surgery Machine of Sindh Government Qatar Hospital, Orangi Town, Karachi, was also lying idle since last seven years due to shortage of funds and staff.

The sole MRI machine of National Institute of Child Health (NICH) was also non-functional since two years. The children are being shifted to private diagnostic lab for tests.

On the other hand, Sindh Health Department hinted to outsource Radiology Departments of major hospitals of Sindh over administrative failure to run costly equipment despite having budget for maintenance and repair

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