Mahathir’s firm stance


DESPITE curbs by India to import palm oil from Malaysia, the country’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad is sticking to his stance and remarks he made against the Indian blatant human rights violations in occupied Kashmir. Mahathir calls a spade a spade whilst rising above any political and economic expediency. Talking to the media persons, Mahathir said though his country is concerned about India’s new curbs on import of its palm oil, however, he would continue to speak out against wrong things even it costs his country financially. These very words speak volume of Mahathir’s stature as a leader.
This is the posture that needs to be demonstrated by other Muslim and world rulers if we really want to promote peace and stability and protect the innocent people against the oppressive regimes such as the one currently in power in India. As stated by Mahathir, wrong things cannot be allowed or accepted for the sake of economic interests. He is also on record saying that the people of Malaysia are not scared of speaking their mind and boycotts are not enough to make him retract his criticism of India on the situation in occupied Kashmir. In fact had the same kind of resolve and audacity shown by other world leaders, the people of occupied Kashmir and Muslims in India would not have been today facing the worst form oppression and coercion. We really appreciate the bold and outspoken stance of Mahathir, which should be respected. It is up to Muslim countries including Pakistan to come forward in a big way and purchase the palm oil of Malaysia so that the country could make up for the losses it is currently suffering because of the Indian ban which used to be the biggest buyer of Malaysian palm oil and made purchases of 4.4 million tons last year. Then, our government needs to accelerate efforts for the early happening of the OIC Foreign Ministers meeting which should consider and approve punitive action against India including boycott of its products. This is the only course the fascist regime of Modi can be taught a lesson and refrained from its oppressive tactics against Muslims in India and occupied Kashmir.