Magic of World Cup grips Lyari



The craze of the Qatar World Cup has reached its peak in posh areas including the suburbs of Karachi. Brazil’s progress continued late into the night. Sindh Chief Minister also came to watch the match in the Lyari.

The youth Of Lyari adopted the hairstyles of footballers of Brazil. Argentina became the second choice of the youth of Lyari.According to details, FIFA World Cup, the thrilling matches of the pre-quarter finals are being watched on giant screens. However, Lyari has become the biggest center of football craze at this time. Where it is pleasant to see the sky during the matches of the FIFA World Cup.

A few welfare, football clubs in the ground and park in different areas of Lyari. Giant screens are being organized by the administration and political parties; one of them is Gabol Park. Where thousands of football fans are watching the World Cup matches on big screens.In this match, slogans were raised in favor of Lyari’s beloved Neymar Junior’s return. While the Brazilian side danced to the beat of drums and music in the ground every goal.

The jerseys of the teams of Brazil and Argentina are also being designed in the houses of Lyari. Certain areas have been painted in the colors of the five-time world champion, i.e. yellow and blue. From first Ronaldo, Ronaldeno and now K Ka to now Nemar Junior, the people of Lyari consider them as their people. The second favorite team of Lyari people is Argentina. Lyari people believe that Brazil and Argentina will clash in the final.

Ten-year-old football fan Hamad Hamza said that he has been a fan of the Brazilian team since he was born. Because he has seen people around him unconditionally support the team.A veteran fan of Brazil, Karim Baloch has been a club-level football player himself.