LWMC takes special measures before Monsoon

Staff Reporter

The Lahore Waste Management Company has been fully mobilized to fulfil its responsibility even before the advent of rains. According to the spokesperson of LWMC, even before the onset of rains, the LWMC has taken special measures to stop overflowing of city drains.

Taking important steps to dispose of garbage, he started the process of installing waste collector containers along drains is in process.

20 containers have already been placed around Kharak Drain near Sabzazar, in this regard.

CEO LWMC Imran Ali
Sultan stated that the department is all up and alert to provide cleanliness facilities in every situation.

The department has taken special measures to control the clogging during rains. The major issue of clogging near drains is the illegal dumping of waste in drains which needs to be stopped.

He added that the main objective of placing these containers
is also to avoid littering.

He also said that any negligence in this regard will not be tolerated. Citizens should also cooperate with the department and reduce the amount of waste.

Spokesperson LWMC said that without the cooperation of the public
LWMC alone cannot maintain cleanliness in the city citizens should also shoulder their social and moral responsibility towards maintaining cleanliness in the city.

He added that the citizens can dial LWMC helpline 1139 for registering their waste-related

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