LWMC devises cleaning plan for Easter


Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has prepared and released its cleaning plan for the Easter festival.

The LWMC was working to make special cleaning arrangements for the Christian community by issuing a pre-Easter cleaning plan.

CEO LWMC Rafia Haider said that special cleaning arrangements would be made throughout the city on Easter. From April 15 to 17, LWMC will organise a special cleaning operation for its Christian community.

As per plan, extraordinary cleaning measures shall be ensured for the cleaning of all the churches of the city, more than 80 Christian colonies and major highways.

Mechanical washing preparations have been completed for more than 300 churches across the city.

A target for washing 45 churches on a daily basis has been set. Cleaning and washing of all churches will be ensured before Easter.

CEO LWMC Rafia Haider further said that according to the plan, water will be sprinkled, and lime will be applied at places of worship and other important locations. Providing a clean environment to the citizens on every occasion and festival is the top priority, she said.

People are also requested to cooperate with the LWMC on Easter to prevent the spread of rubbish.

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