LWMC chief spells steps for world-class cleanliness in City

Staff Reporter

Chairman LWMC Amjad Ali Awan said that the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) is striving to provide best yet cost-effective cleanliness facilities to the citizens of the provincial metropolis.

In this regard, LWMC took special measures and started the journey of an operational company from a monitoring company.

In order to improve the solid waste management system in the provincial capital, management took various initiatives which include; 3 years contract for outsourcing the secondary collection, Procurement of 6,000 waste storage containers, 22,000 uniforms for sanitary workers, 10,000 shoes for sanitary workers, formal engagement of laid-off staff by Turkish Companies, assessment of existing fleet/ auction of vehicles, the addition of 950 New Vehicles, rehabilitation of temporary collection points (TCPs) & waste enclosures, 3,000 handcarts for sanitary workers, hiring of vacant management positions and establishment of Vigilance Cell for the monitoring of overall operations of LWMC to eliminate and minimize the factors of Corruption and Malpractices.

It is pertinent to mention that LWMC has only 14,000 workers for the cleanliness of the city of 15 million population.

He added that we have changed the organogram for optimal utilization of existing HR as the nature of the work has been changed after the closure of the contract with Turkish companies.

As per the proposed organogram Lahore is divided into two circles and two GM operations will be deployed for two circles of the city.

Further 49 more zonal officers, 14 town managers, 2 managers coordination, 12 workshop managers, 72 tax collectors, 2 manager fleet, 8 fleet in charge, 24 vigilance in-charges, 274 supervisors, 28 assistants, 28 clerks, and 72 temporary collection point supervisors will also be appointed.

LWMC has introduced a mega plan of procuring 950 vehicles with its own budget of Rs6 billion. This Procurement will be the solution to all the problems regarding cleanliness in the city.

To counter the current situation of cleanliness LWMC is stimulating all its operations for making Lahore clean and green.

He further said that primary waste collection will be made with the help of a new consignment of vehicles while secondary collection will be outsourced for at least years.

The bidding process has been initiated as per PPRA rules already. LWMC is planning to recycle and compost 1000 ton waste on daily basis with the collaboration of public and private institutes.

The biggest achievement so far is to procure new machinery from its previous year’s budget which saved Rs.6billion of government funds.

There is a dire need for public cooperation to avoid littering and making this city cleaner and the department will reach out the maximum number of people through awareness.

He added that in case of any complaint citizens can always dial LWMC helpline 1139 or can use Clean Lahore mobile application.

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