Low gas pressure continues in Rawalpindi areas


Low gas pressure continued to bother the citizens, especially in morning hours where most vicinities were getting low gas pressure.

People residing in Jamia Masjid, Waris Khan, Akal Garh, Dhoke Dalal, Karimpura, Committee Chowk, Dhoke Khaba, Umer Road, Dhoke Elahi Bukush, Nadeem Colony, Arya Mohallah, Pirwadhai, Adiala Road, Bakra Mandi, Dhoke Syedan, Tench Bhatta, Sadiqabad, Muslim Town, Shah Khalid Colony, Pandora and Shah Khalid Colony and others were facing difficulties due to low gas pressure.

The residents of these areas said that the pressure of the gas being supplied was shallow.

The pressure was so low in some other localities that the residents could only see a tiny flame in their stove. Amna Bibi, a housewife, said people were facing problems because of the department’s inefficiency. “We pay gas bills every month, but in every winter we have to face difficulties. We cannot prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for our family members,” she added.

Meanwhile, Sui Northern Gas Pipelines (SNGPL) finally had decided to launch a crackdown on the consumers using gas compressors. The SNGPL spokesman informed media that teams had been constituted to launch a crackdown against those depriving their neighbours of gas by gas compressors. He said there was no gas shortage; however, there was a dire need to stop unlawful practices.

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