Long march makes liberty chowk metaphor of real liberty: Mehmud


Senior PTI leader and Provincial Minister for Local Government Mian Mehmood-ul-Rashid has said in a special statement on the occasion of the departure of Imran Khan’s Long March that the people of Pakistan would mark a new history of the long march because every child, old and young person had come out of the house holding the PTI flag for freedom.

Mian Mehmood-ul-Rashid said that the long march had made Liberty Chowk a metaphor of real liberty for the Pakistani nation.

In response to the press conference of the Federal Interior Minister, he said that Rana Sanaullah’s rehetoric slogans would last for a short time. Mian Mehmood-ul-Rashid added, “The panic and fear of Rana Sanaullah is understandable because now the fake power of his leaders is in serious danger. Our long march will tell Rana Sanaullah what is the difference between an imported and original leader.”

Mehmood said that the highly enthusiastic and charged people of Pakistan had reminded the long march of great liberator Nelson Mandela.

Mian Mehmood-ul-Rashid reiterated his commitment that he would stand by his leader Imran Khan till the end.


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