Long march: 3 cops martyred, 100 injured due to torture, attacks


Three Punjab police personnel were martyred and over a 100 others were injured due to torture and attacks of violent protestors in different districts of the province during the past 24 hours, a police spokesman said here on Thursday.

The spokesman said that one officer was martyred in Lahore and two others in Attock. Constable Kamal Ahmed was shot dead by protestors in Lahore, and Mudassar Abbas and Muhammad Javed died in Attock when a bus overturned.

Constable Mudassar Abbas hailed from Faisalabad and Muhammad Javed from Sialkot.

During the long march duty, 34 personnel were injured in Lahore, 48 in Attock, nine in Sargodha and several others in Mianwali, Rawalpindi, Jhelum and other cities.

aThe angry protesters damaged 11 police vehicles and ransacked government property worth crores of rupees.

They also snatched weapons including two SMGs from police. However, the police personnel continued performing their duties diligently, added the spokesman.


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