LMG Group Japan certified by HR Metrics Pakistan


Link and Motivation Group, a Japanese HR Service company has been certified by HR Metrics Pakistan and its Partner HC Produce.Inc in Japan for conforming to ISO 30414, the standard for human capital. It is the first company to be certified in Asia and Japan, and 5th in the world.

Using people analytics supports organizations seeking to adopt a more data-driven decision-making process for engagement and productivity of workforce.

In view of ESG movement, worldwide investors, regulators and donors see it very favorably when a company has transparency in “S” human capital disclosure in a measurable way so that investors/board directors can see verifiable linkages between human capital investments and sustainable organizational outcomes.

Zahid Mubarik CEO HR Metrics says that “Human capital analytics provide strategic and systematic approach to engaging people in the goals of the enterprise, rather than taking the all-too-typical reactive and ad hoc approach, yields more sustainable performance and better experiences for all stakeholders. It is hoped that more companies will adopt this standard to increase productivity.


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