Literacy for a human-centered recovery: Narrowing the digital divide: Marwat

Staff Reporter

“Raising Awareness among the masses is a social process of improving the intelligence of the society to cope with a natural disasters or epidemics.
Awareness acts as a precautionary measure to tackle with the social issues. However, this awareness can only be effective if we are educated enough to utilize this intelligence”. This was observed by Chairman NCHD Col ® Dr. Amirullah Marwat while talking to media person on the eve of International Literacy Day.
Chairman NCHD stated, “This day has special significance for Pakistan as we have a large number of illiterate population estimated to be more than 60 million. As per article 25-A and 37-B of the constitution, the state is bound to irradiate illiteracy in the country and ensure provision of education to all the children aged 5-16 years”.
While talking about NCHD he said that NCHD being the lead agency for literacy has contributed its role in improving literacy situation in the country. NCHD had established over 170,190 adult literacy centers across the country and Made 3.98 million adults literate with 90% females since 2002.
We have developed first literacy reporting, recording and monitoring software known as Literacy Management Information System (LIMIS).

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