Listen to salaried class


EMPLOYEES of the Federal Secretariat are reportedly preparing to stage a sit-in at Pak Secretariat to press for their demand for a proper increase in salaries and allowances. In view of curbs on freedom of expression, the leadership of Federal Secretariat Employees Core Committee is organizing the employees in a discreet manner and future course of action would be announced on 15 September.
Government employees have long been protesting against non-increase in their salaries but the authorities concerned have not yet listened to their grievances in a considerate manner. Their frustration is understandable as the Government totally ignored their needs and difficulties at the time of presentation of budget when no increase was announced in salaries and pensions. This is despite the fact that the record price-hike has made it difficult for Government servants to manage their family budgets and as a result they have to compromise on quality of their life. There is no doubt that the Government is resource starved but it is duty and responsibility of those in power to raise resources and keep needs of different segments of the society in view. The employees feel discriminated as previous as well as the incumbent governments continued with the policy of doubling salaries and allowances of employees of some particular organization on flimsy grounds and did not bother to raise salaries even marginally for others on the occasion of budget. Sindh Government deserves appreciation for sympathetic consideration of difficulties of the salaried people as it announced ten per cent increase in salaries. The Government announced Pay and Pension Commission but it is taking too much time and no one knows what the Government would ultimately do with its recommendations. Government employees and pensioners are hard-pressed and, therefore, deserve relief at the earliest.

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