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IN the backdrop of the fast-changing Afghan scenario, former Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani has made a saner proposal that could strengthen the hands of the Government in dealing with the emerging situation.

He has demanded convening of the joint session of Parliament to take the nation into confidence and formulate policy and terms of engagement with Afghanistan, the US and other stakeholders.

The apprehensions expressed by Rabbani that the international community is making Pakistan a scapegoat for the Afghan fiasco are not unfounded as these are also confirmed by what recently happened at the UN Security Council, where Pakistan was not allowed even to speak on an issue that is central to its own security and progress.

Attempts are also being made to force Pakistan to open its border with Afghanistan for a fresh influx of refugees despite the fact that the world community failed to fulfil its commitments with regard to upkeep of millions of refugees that are still on our soil.

It is also worrying that the fragile government in Kabul is also taking refuge behind Pakistan-bashing for its failure to withstand the Taliban onslaught.

A report published by Bloomberg should also serve as a wakeup call as President Ashraf Ghani believes that peace talks with the Taliban are dead and is seeking to arm civilians and work with warlords to prevent the group from toppling his government in Kabul, a clear indication that Ghani was not interested in peaceful resolution of the conflict and is preparing for a long-drawn but bloody civil war with serious immediate and long term implications for Pakistan.

In this backdrop, Mr Rabbani has come out with a seven point agenda for the proposed joint session of Parliament, encompassing all aspects of the crisis.

The session should be convened without further loss of time and the law-makers may also be given an in-camera briefing by relevant authorities on the ground situation and possible options, for a final decision by Parliament.


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