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EVERY segment of the society is perturbed over the current situation. The collision course being pursued by the political parties is only inflicting damage to the country in the form of economic instability.

During an interaction with the media persons on Tuesday, President Arif Alvi, also appeared to be very concerned about the situation and rightly so because he is head of the state, and called upon the political parties to find solutions to financial and economic woes faced by the country through a consultative process.

He further noted that uncertain political and economic situation in any country can expand polarization in society which is detrimental to everyone’s interests.

We have no doubt in saying that today our society is more divided than ever it has been over the last five decades or so, and with each passing day this polarization is touching alarming proportion.

The rise of political intolerance poses a serious threat to the country and this trend needs to be curbed at the earliest.

The political leadership will have to review its conduct and demonstrate maturity in its conduct to reverse this trend. As suggested by the President, dialogue is the only way forward to find solutions.

President Alvi has a political acumen and always given valuable input on important national issues and one expects that being head of the state, he will come forward and provide his good offices for a grand dialogue amongst different stakeholders to map out a political and economic framework.

For this to happen, the political leaders will have to shun the confrontationist approach whilst rising above their petty political interests, and think for the better future of this country.

The current situation will lead us nowhere but push us further deep into morass. It is still time for the political leadership to correct its course before it is too late.

In our view, free, fair and transparent general election, acceptable to all, is the solution to steer the country out of current quagmire.


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