Light rain, snow expected in KP, GB


With the beginning of December, the intensity of cold across Pakistan intensifies.This year, a westerly cold wave has gripped the upper and central regions of the country, according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department.

The Met Office has forecast light rain and snow in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan in the upcoming week.

On Saturday, mercury in the upper parts of the provinces dipped below freezing point.

The lowest temperature of -10 degrees was recorded in Skardu, followed by Astore, Hunza, Kalam, Dir, Bagrot, and Gilgit.

In Balochistan, the mercury in Quetta and Kalat was recorded at -4 degrees.The people of Lahore have been a victim of smog for over three months now.

The city has, yet again, topped the list of the most polluted cities in the world.On Sunday, Lahore’s air quality level reached 209 which has been declared “very unhealthy”.

Kolkata, Dhaka, and Shanghai were next in line in the list of most-polluted cities.According to the Met Office, there are no changes of smog subsiding in the upcoming days.

It has warned of fog in plain areas of Punjab as well.According to the government, traffic is the main source of air pollution, and to counter this problem, the government is working on big projects such as more flyovers and underpasses.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Karachi recorded its coldest day of the season so far after the temperature in the city dropped to 10 degrees.—INP


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