LHC praises Lahore commissioner’s work to control smog


Appreciating Lahore Commissioner Captain (r) Muhammad Usman for his ‘work’ to control smog in the city, the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday barred the authorities from transferring him for another two months.

During the hearing of a smog-related case, Justice Shahid Karim addressed the commissioner and said, “The court has summoned you in order to appreciate the work you have done to bring down pollution levels in the city.

You have done a remarkable job. I have even seen the videos in which you can be seen ordering anti-smog measures.

Encroachments were removed from different parts of the provincial capital on your orders. And you deserve praise for that. ”

Commissioner Lahore replied that whatever he had done was in the light of court orders. “Sealing smoke-emitting factories was no small task,” he added.

Besides the Lahore commissioner, other senior officers, including Lord Mayor Colonel (r) Mubashir Javed and Deputy Attorney General Asad Ali Bajwa, also attended the hearing.
Syed Kamal Advocate, Focal Person for Environment Commission, on the occasion submitted to the LHC a fresh report on the issue.

He also prayed to the court to give orders for the non-transfer of Captain (r) Muhammad Usman, saying he feared he might be transferred.

The court ordered the environment department to seek the assistance of the foreign experts in order to deal with smog more effectively.

When Justice Kareem asked as to what was the AQI of Lahore yesterday (Wednesday), Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Director General (DG) replied it was 144.
He told the court that even an ad was being aired on TV channels to make people aware of the hazards of smog.

The DG, on the occasion, also played the ad in the courtroom. The LHC ordered him to keep saving all the data related to smog. The court adjourned hearing of the case till December 14.

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