LHC extends interim relief of Punjab CM for one day

LHC ECP reserved seats

Court restricts Elahi not to dissolve Assembly untill 9:00 am

Amraiz Khan

The Lahore High Court on Wednesday extended interim relief of reinstating Ch Pervaiz Elahi as the Chief Minister of Punjab till January 12.

During the hearing of pleas against the de-notification of Pervaiz Elahi as Chief Minister and the possible dissolution of Punjab Assembly, the LHC said that the chief minister could not dissolve the assembly until 9am the following day.

Earlier in the morning, the LHC said that it would hear the pleas on a daily basis and give the judgement on merit. A five-member larger LHC bench, headed by Justice Abid Aziz Sheikh, conducted the hearing on the pleas. Is the issue yet to be resolved?” Justice Abid Aziz inquired.

“All the issues will be resolved in court,” Barrister Ali Zafar, lawyer for Pervaiz Elahi, said.

“What is the position now?” Justice Abid Aziz Sheikh questioned further. “Is the Governor’s lawyer making an offer or not?” he added. “We are not accepting the Governor’s offer,” Barrister Ali Zafar told the LHC judge. “Only the members can decide whether they want to stay in the office or not. The final decision has to be made by the members,” Justice Abid Aziz Sheikh pointed out.

“You tell us. How much time will be appropriate. Let us know when the vote of confidence can be taken. We will issue an order on it,” he said to Barrister Ali Zafar.

“We want your problems to be solved,” he added. On the occasion, the Governor’s lawyer argued that the court had given them enough time.

“What if the Governor issued the notice again and asked why the vote of confidence was not taken in so many days. What will happen then?” the court said.