LHC chief justice chides LDA officer

Staff Reporter

The Lahore High Court on Tuesday heard a case related to police occupation of the plot of a citizen Syed Ashraf Hussain.

During Chief Justice of the High Court Qasim Khan chided LDA Assistant Director Jahangir Khan for his poor performance.

The Chief Justice remarked: “Ignorant people like you destroyed the LDA. Why don’t I send you to jail for lying? You have sunk the LDA fleet. You are not qualified for this position.

On whose recommendation you were recruited in the department?
Kamran Bashir Mughal Advocate gave arguments on behalf of the petitioner before Chief Justice Qasim Khan.

The court ordered the police to produce all the certified documents by June 3. The Chief Justice also directed the SP to produce the key of the building in the court by June 3.

The petitioner took the plea that the police had occupied his plot and set up a police post. SP Saddr Hafeezur Rehman was not returning possession of the plot. LDA directors Rafia Nazir and Arshad Dogar have lost my file.