LHC annoyed over delay in Punjab CM electio


Instructs Hamza, Elahi to mutually decide date for election

Amraiz Khan

The Lahore High Court heard the Punjab CM election case and said, “Change may occur in time, but not in days. Expressing his displeasure over the delay in election of CM Punjab, Chief Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti said, “It’s not the way to follow the rules according to your own whims. Tell us! How long will it take for voting for the election of the chief minister?” You may hold elections in two or four days. Elections have not been held in 10 days.”

The Chief Justice said that all institutions are being bulldozed and the court has been trying to solve the issue between the two parties to reach any solution on the CM election date. Azam Nazir Tarar, lawyer for Hamza Shehbaz, Monday adopted before the Lahore High Court that voting for Punjab Chief Minister was to be held a day after the submission of the nomination papers as per the law. Tarar informed the LHC, the PML-N had filed a petition in the Supreme Court that elections be held in the Punjab Assembly on April 6, adding that on April 5, the Punjab advocate general stated that a meeting would be convened on April 6.

“Both of us did not know that the meeting had been adjourned till April 16,” he stated, adding the Supreme Court had also given its observation that a meeting should be held.

“The Speaker has the power to prevent any member of the assembly from attending the meeting. But, as the Speaker himself is the candidate for the chief minister slot, he cannot stop anyone from participating in elections,” stated Tarar.

He demanded that the court bar Ch Pervaiz Elahi from creating any kind of obstruction. “Ch Pervaiz Elahi has become a judge in himself. He needs to resign from his post as soon as he submits his nomination papers. Dost Muhammad Mazari should be allowed to use his powers as the deputy speaker.”

Earlier, LHC Chief Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti ordered to resolve the issue of electing Punjab Chief Minister through mutual consultation.

The LHC chief justice heard the petition of Punjab Assembly Deputy Speaker Dost Muhammad Mazari against the adjournment of the session of Punjab Assembly.

“It remains to be seen whether the session of the Punjab Assembly can be adjourned in this manner, and, whether the procedure for the election of the chief minister has been violated,” the chief justice remarked and questioned: “What is the procedure for the election of the chief minister?”

The Punjab Assembly secretary said that the chief minister’s resignation came on April 1, and, candidates for the chief minister slot submitted their applications on April 2.

“Nomination papers were accepted after scrutiny, and a session of Punjab Assembly was called for voting on April 3.


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