LGH finalises Ashura arrangements

Staff Reporter

The administration of Lahore General Hospital has put on alert the administration and staff of emergency department and cancelled leave of the employees in view of the Ashura-e- Muharram.

“Everyone should be alerted till Ashura. No emergency employees will be allowed to take leave without the permission of Medical Superintendent, while additional staff will be deployed in the emergency department on 9th and 10th of Muharram.

Postgraduate Medical Institute/Amir Uddin Medical College Principal Prof Dr Sardar Muhammad Al-Freed Zafar issued the instructions while chairing meeting here.

The Principal PGMI directed Focal Person Emergency Dr Laila Shafiq to make special arrangements for immediate medical aid to those affected by chainsaw and provide separate beds for the mourners so that other patients could also be treated.

Prof Dr Al-freed Zafar directed AMS Pharmacy to take all possible steps to provide ample stock of life-saving medicines in the emergency department.

He also directed the blood bank in-charge that he should ensure sufficient stock of blood of different groups till Ashura so that they would not face any problem if blood required.

Prof Al-freed said that outdoor activities will be closed on Ashura Day and that staff will be deployed in the emergency department.

He emphasized that Ashura Day teaches patience and sacrifice and everyone should also realize their responsibilities on this day

assured that LGH like every other year, would make complete arrangements for any situation on 10th Muharram and would ensure the provision of best medical facilities especially to mourners.

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