Let’s transform Karachi


MONSOON downpours have left a trail of destruction in Karachi and the residents of metropolis are still far from relieved of the immense difficulties caused by rains.The recent rains in Karachi indeed are unprecedented. However such alarming situation would not have developed which also saw electrocution of many people, if the best municipality practices were adhered to and the city was equipped with the basic infrastructure to deal with any calamity. In a tweet, Prime Minister Imran Khan said a comprehensive package for Karachi will be announced by the federal government in order to end the decades of neglect and sufferings of the people of this great metropolis. Indeed this is a welcome announcement and every reason for the people of the city to be happy as the package probably will be aimed at turning around the civic infrastructure. Earlier this year also, the Prime Minister had unveiled a mega development package worth Rs 162 billion to uplift the city’s transport, water and sewerage infrastructure. This package comprised a total of eighteen projects and of these seven related for water and sewerage. The new package must focus on not only building the adaptability of the metropolis to the changing climate patterns but also equipping it with all the necessary and modern logistics and infrastructure ensuring that waste of every locality is timely and properly disposed of so that the situation of choking of storm drains and streets do not recur due to rains. Karachi is contributing immensely to the economy of the country and all possible resources should be utilized to transform its entire landscape by focusing especially on its upkeep and civic health. There should not be politics on the development of the city. Federal, provincial and local governments must work in cohesion and coordination to achieve the target.

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