Legislators express concern over deteriorating Afghan situation

Ijaz Kakakhel

Legislators in Lower House of Parliament on Monday expressed serious reservations over deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and asked the government to clarifying its policy and what steps were taken in case the situation worsening there.

The situation in Afghanistan was changing on daily bases particularly after withdrawal of US and other allied forces from Baghram air base at mid night even without informing the Afghan government.

Taking part in the debate over Presidential address, PML-N leader Khawaja Asif said there were uncertainty and people were leaving Afghanistan.

Pakistan involved in Afghanistan conflict since 1970 and till date gave great sacrifices. May be some deci-sions on part of Pakistan about Afghanistan was not so good, said the PML-N leader.

Instead of depending on any group beyond the boundary of Pakistan, it would be better to consider the strategic importance to the people living in Paki-stan boundary (Tribal people).

He claimed that they were the people who always gave sacrifices for the country and claimed that they always safeguard this boundary.

There were several fault lines in Pakistan and any spill over in Afghanistan may put the coun-try in hot water.

Khawaj Asif also regretted that politicians had given space to establishment and made compromises with extension tenures by different governments.

For the sake of supremacy of this House, he advised that all legislators should united and made collective efforts to regain the powers which enshrined in the constitutions of Pakistan.

“There was no question that some politicians always remained facilitators of establishment”, he maintained. He advised the government don’t by pass this House in important issues.

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