Lebanese envoy calls on Coordinator General COMSTECH


Lebanese Ambassador Ghassan El Khatib visited COMSTECH to discuss and explore the avenues of mutual cooperation in the area of science and technology in Lebanon.

Coordinator General COMSTECH Prof Dr M. Iqbal Choudhary offered the membership of COMSTECH Consortium of Excellence to five leading universities of Lebanon.

He also offered research fellowships and technician trainings to the Lebanese students at the prestigious member universities and institutions of COMSTECH Consortium of Excellence.

Both the dignitaries discussed the possibilities of the establishment of a COMSTECH focal center in Lebanon for the Arab region to coordinate COMSTECH activities, and enhance further science and technology cooperation among OIC Arab member states.

Ambassador Khatib appreciated COMSTECH programmes and the visionary leadership and thanked for offerings of research fellowships for Lebanon nationals and the membership of COMSTECH Consortium of Excellence offered to five Lebanese universities.

He welcomed the establishment of the COMSTECH focal center for the Arab region in Lebanon and assured full support from his office for this initiative.

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