LEAs carried out successful operation in Shah Latif Town: Nasir Shah



Information Minister Nasir Hussain Shah, along with IGPolice  Sindh Mushtaq Mehar, DIG CTD Umar Shahid and in-charge CID Umar Khattab, in a press conference said that today is a big day. A large network of terrorists has been trapped in Shah Latif Town. The group was involved in anti-national activities. The target was Sindh in particular.


He said that there were various threat alerts for several months, on which CTD Sindh Police, law enforcement agencies and particularly intelligence agencies worked hard on it and suicide bomber was killed on the spot in the operation this morning while six arrests have been made.


The minister said that according to preliminary information, most of the members of the group were said to be from Afghanistan. There is also strong evidence of RAW involvement.  Their targets were our key installations and high-profile personalities. He said that the Sindh Assembly was one of the main targets.


The minister expressed gratitude of Almighty Allah and added that our police, CTD officers and intelligence agencies carried out a successful operation and hardcore terrorist were detained


On the occasion, DIG CTD Omar Shahid said that Zahidullah alias Sulaiman, Bismillah alias Haji Lala, Mohammad Qasim alias Haji Siddique, Inamullah alias Bilal and Gul Mohammad were arrested alongwith in the operation, while four multiplier Kalashnikov bomb magazines, twelve Kalashnikov magazines, 500 Kalashnikov live Round, 03 suicide jackets, one rickshaw with explosives, 02 rockets, 12 detonators, 13 explosive blocks, 12 hand grenades and maps of key installations and other items have been recovered.