Learn and get ahead . . !


A few years ago the Mumbai Police declined to procure Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for aerial surveillance saying they do not have the required expertise. You all remember Mumbai’s 26/11, don’t you? When

policemen with Second World War rifles tried to fire on terrorists armed with the latest sophisticated, weaponry! We all cried foul; it was like barefoot runner running against spiked opponent or hockey player with costly equipment playing against someone using a walking stick for lack of money.

So money was sanctioned, the latest gadgets in modern warfare were promised to our cops and what do they say? “We can’t learn!” “So learn!” “Why?” “Because those unmanned aerial vehicles not only keep a check on anti-social elements like terrorists, will not only inform about any strange activity but also locate traffic jams and act accordingly!” “But…”

“But what?” we ask impatiently. “We don’t want to learn!” Let’s move away from these policemen, we know they’d rather spend time on more lucrative activities, let’s focus on you and me, don’t we also act the same way quite often?

“Ma,” says your daughter now in the USA or UK or son globetrotting in Australia, “why don’t you install Skype or Zoom?” “Skype, Zoom?” “Yeah mother, then we can chat everyday, look at each other, and more than anything else I won’t have to pay for costly phone calls because it’s free!”

“No my child!” “Why not ma?” “It’s too much trouble learning how to use it!” I have a friend of mine, who was boasting the other day, “I don’t know how to sends SMS’s Bob!” “It’s simple,” I told him, “Let me show you!” “No,” he said pulling his phone away from me, “I’ve even told my son, no writing anything, call your dad don’t message him!”

His son, a high level executive who attends dozens of meetings everyday, and can message but hardly has the privacy to phone, doesn’t know what to do, when his father calls and asks where he is, “I can’t call dada, I’m in a meeting,” he whispers as his boss looks angrily at him.

Yes, you stubborn dads and moms who don’t want to learn how to send email, learn messaging, or other simple skills, or you cops who don’t want to be trained: You have to do it for the sake of others. It’s your duty, so learn..!


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